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Posted by CricketGames On February - 19 - 2013

When we think about online cricket games, mainly it is batting games that we think of. Most of the best free online cricket games are batting games or involve both batting and bowling. However there are some great bowling games out there, lets show a little appreciation for some of the best bowling games out there on the web.

SuperSpin Cricket

Superspin Cricket

Superspin Cricket is a real test of spin bowling accuracy. The game goes through a series of levels each getting progressively harder as you need to target the ball on the spot and swivel the mouse for just the right amount of spin. Superspin Cricket is a very challenging game, it may actually be harder than the real thing. Try it and see.

Bowling Ace

Bowling Ace

Bowling Ace pits you against the batsman in a test of patience and wits. In bowling Ace you may choose three diffent types of bowler, each with thier own deliveries. You must bowl the opposition out in a series of challenges before they get your score. Bowling is quite difficult as not only do you need to get the accuracy of the delivery but also the flight and pace of the delivery by clicking on the power bar when it is in the green zone. This game is not easy.

The Power Bowler

The Power Bowler

As the name suggests Power Bowler is your chance to outpace and outbowl the batsman with sheer power and pace. The game allows you to select up to 9 different pace deliveries and select the line and length of the delivery. Power bowler is a difficult game to master but is rewarding once you get the hang of it.

Cricket Overdose

Cricket Overdose

Cricket Overdose is a test of skill. Choose from one of three bowlers (who are loosely based upon real players) – the Rawalpindi Express,Mohammed Mischeif or Shame Warne 🙂 Then choose your delivery. The delivery depends upon which bowler you choose, if it is a fast bowler you have the options of outswing, inswing, yorker and bouncer. The spin bowler has a different set of deliveries in his arsenal. Delivery selection is important but the tricky part of the game is getting the bowlers run up and delivery position spot on. Cricket Overdose is a fun game which rewards repeat play.

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  1. Raj says:

    Superspin Cricket is the best cricket game.

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