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IPL Cricket Game 2013  IPL Cricket is back in 2013 with the IPL Cricket Game 2013 Online. The Indian Premier League the most exciting cricket competition in the world. Choose your favourite IPL tea [...]
Tabletop cricket Game  Tabletop Cricket Ashes Edition brings back to life the classic cricket board games from yesteryear in this free online game. Line up your batsman and swivel to play the shot. [...]
Cricket the Batsman's Game  Cricket the Batsman Game is a realistic cricket flash game. To begin the game choose your team and select the target to chase. Select the number of overs you will play. Crick [...]
Full Toss  You can be the next Dhoni with this flash game. Test your reflexes and cricket ability with this fast paced game. See how hard you can hit the super balls on Full Toss. This [...]
Cricket Pinch Hitter  Cricket Pinch Hitter is an all out slog match. As the pinch hitter you have been promoted up the batting order for one purpose – to hit boundaries! As the pinch hitter [...]
Last Man Standing  Last Man Standing is a fast paced online arcade cricket game. It is time for England to get back at the Auzzies and take back the Ashes. This online cricket game has a number [...]
Cricket Umpire Game  Cricket Umpire Game puts you in charge of an international cricket game. As cricket umpire you have all of the responsibilities of taking charge and calling the decisions cor [...]
Pixel Cricket   Pixel Cricket is a fascinating cricket challenge game, dont be put off by the graphics this online game is loads of fun. Choose either single or multiplayer mode, In single [...]
Fatafat Cricket Game  Fatafat Cricket is an action packed online cricket game. Chose your shot carefully, timing is everything! Start this online game and swing your Bat to hit the Ball using arro [...]
Super Cricket Game  Super Cricket Game is one of the most challenging online cricket games to complete. In order to win you must work your way through a series of challenges which get harder as [...]
Dhoni Cricket Game  It’s IPL fever and your favorite star M.S. Dhoni is on fire. Catch as many balls as possible before time runs out. As the time progresses the balls start coming faster. [...]
Wicket Keeping Volt  Test your catching reflexes with this online cricket game. In Wicket Keeping Volt game you are the wicketkeeper, catch the batsmans deflected shots to proceed to the next lev [...]
Superspin Cricket  Superspin Cricket is a highly addictive spin bowling game. You play as a spin bowler and must aim the ball on to the target spot by correctly judging the line and length of t [...]
India vs Pakistan Cricket Cup  Get ready for one of the most fierce rivalries in world cricket. India v Pakistan. You are India and must beat the Pakistan total in order to win. Choose a quick mode or tour [...]
Powerplay Cricket 2  Powerplay Cricket 2 is a realistic cricket game. Choose your favourite international team and choose a quick game or world cup tournament. Instructions for Powerplay Cricket [...]
India vs England cricket cup  India vs England Cricket cup game puts you at the centre of one of the great contests in world Cricket. Play as India against England in the cricket world cup. You must bat a [...]
All star India England Cricket  All Star India vs England is a unique cricket game with a birds eye view of the oval. Choose to play a series or a one off quick play mode. Warning this online cricket game i [...]
Practice Cricket  Practice cricket game puts you in the nets before the big game. Practice your best shots and shot timing in the cricket nets. Practice Cricket Instructions Click the mouse to [...]
Gully Cricket  Gully Cricket is street cricket at its best. Play cricket on the street using a garbage bin as the wickets. Use the mouse to move the bat into position and left click to hit [...]
Attacking Opener  Attacking Opener game is a cricket slog-out. You have just three overs to get the winning score so you have no time to settle in. Attacking Opener is a fast paced and excitin [...]
Cricket Overdose  You can never have too much cricket, not even in this cricket overdose game. The game starts by choosing your bowling style and get the opposition out before they beat your s [...]
Cricket Rivals  Cricket Rivals is a classic online cricket game with great graphics. Pad up and walk into the action with Cricket Rivals game! In this game you can select the number of overs [...]
Krish Cricket  Krish Cricket is here. This ultra-realistic online cricket game puts you in the middle of the action. Select your favorite team and compete in Crickets ultimate one day tourn [...]
Super Cricket  Super Cricket is a world cup tournament cricket game, to begin super cricket select from your favorite international cricket team. You can choose from any 1 of the following [...]
IPL Cricket Ultimate  IPL Cricket Ultimate Game –  IPL is back with this 2012 free online cricket game. Press the highlighted arrow at the right time to successfully hit the ball. Choose you [...]
Online Cricket 2011  Online Cricket 2011 is an action packed online cricket flash game and rated the best online cricket game by this website. Choose your side and the number of overs to play. Ti [...]
IPL Cricket 2012  IPL Cricket 2012 is a realistic IPL tournament online cricket game. Choose your favorite IPL team and number of overs. See ingame instructions
India vs Australia   India vs Australia is one of the greatest rivalries in Cricket. Choose your side and go in to bat in this classic online cricket game. Players must select and complete a cri [...]
Cricket 20 20 ultimate Game  Cricket 20 20 ultimate game, set the pitch on fire! Cricket 20-20 is the most exciting form of cricket and this game puts your right int he middle of it with its  ultra with [...]
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