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Chota Bheem Cricket Umpire Game  Dholakpur Ka Umpire or Chota Bheem cricket umpire game is a cricket umpire game. Chota Bheem is a big fan of the game of cricket and has an expert knowledge of the game. Chot [...]
Cricket WIcket  Cricket Wicket is a fun new cricket game where the objective is to run out your oppenent. In Cricket Wicket game you play as the wicketkeeper, Keep your eye focused on the ba [...]
Bring It On  Bring it on is a hilarious spoof cricket game around the Ashes series. You can choose to play as either England (Poms) or Australia (Convicts). The game is very simple just c [...]
Fantasy cricket  Firstly let me say that this game, Fantasy Cricket is HARD. If you manage to actually hit the ball then you are doing better than I can do. I didn’t actually manage to [...]
Direct Hit  Direct Hit is a real test of hand eye co-ordination, the aim of this cricket game is to knock all of the wickets from the opposing team to win the game. The rules are simple [...]
Classroom Cricket  Classroom cricket is a fun arcade style cricket game. No more teachers! no more books! play cricket and score as many runs as you can. This game is very simple, just click to [...]
Yorker  Yorker is a cricket themed physics game where you must aim the cricket ball at the players head. The Player must aim the ball at the stumps using the catapult, to make the ga [...]
Cricket Card Game - Cricket Top Trumps  This cricket card game is based on the game of Top Trumps. In the game of Top Trumps Top each card contains a list of statistical data. The aim of Top Trumps is to select the [...]
Tabletop cricket Game  Tabletop Cricket Ashes Edition brings back to life the classic cricket board games from yesteryear in this free online game. Line up your batsman and swivel to play the shot. [...]
Full Toss  You can be the next Dhoni with this flash game. Test your reflexes and cricket ability with this fast paced game. See how hard you can hit the super balls on Full Toss. This [...]
Cricket Umpire Game  Cricket Umpire Game puts you in charge of an international cricket game. As cricket umpire you have all of the responsibilities of taking charge and calling the decisions cor [...]
Defend the Ashes Game  Defend the Ashes game is a good old fashioned beat em up arcade smasher. Protect the Ashes trophy from the Aussie cricket team at all costs. Do whatever it takes. Defend the [...]
Book Cricket  Book Cricket is a truely unique cricket game. Use the mouse to start the game and thumb through the pages of the book to score runs. Watchout if you land on the wrong page yo [...]
Flash Darts -  Cricket  OK I admit this is not really a cricket game but it is a version of darts called cricket. Cricket Darts is a variation of the darts game that uses the numbers 15 – 20 a [...]
The cricket Quiz: firsts in cricket  How much do you know about cricket? If you think you are a cricket expert try the cricket quiz: firsts in cricket. Answer 10 questions to test your cricketing knowledge. You [...]
Cricket puzzle  This is a simple cricket puzzle game, move the peices to match the puzzle.
Cricket World Jigsaw  If you are a cricket lover then you will love this cricket themed jigsaw. Cricket World Jigsaw has three different levels to choose from easy through to had, click shuffle to [...]
Darts3D  Darts3d is not exactly a cricket game but you can play the darts game of cricket rules. Cricket rules means you must score the numbers 15-20 three times as well as the bullse [...]
Casino Cricket  Roll the casino wheel to score runs in casino cricket. Watch out for the run out squares!
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