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Chota Bheem Cricket Umpire GameDholakpur Ka Umpire or Chota Bheem cricket umpire game is a cricket umpire game. Chota Bheem is a big fan of the game of cricket and has an expert knowledge of the game. Chota Bheem likes to see the game played fairly and according to the rules of cricket. So in this game you are Chota Bheem and you are the umpire of the cricket game. For each ball played you are the umpire and must decide on the correct decision. Watch the clip being played and then decide what the correct decision should be – the options are as follows:
Dead Ball – This is when the cricket ball is cancelled as the ball is deemed to be dead and not in play.
Leg Bye – This is when the ball hits the batsmans leg (or pads) and is deflected for one or more runs.
No Ball – This is when the bowler overteps the crease when bowling the cricket ball. Accordingly the ball is signalled no ball and an extra delivery is bowled. The batsman cannot be bowled, caught or LBW from a no ball (but they can be run out).
Out – If you think the batsman is out then click on this icon and Chota Bheem will raise his finger to signal that the batsman is out.
Four – Use this signal if the cricket ball is hit to the boundary
Six – Use this signal if the cricket ball is hit OVER the boundary
Wide – If the bowler bowls the ball outside of the batsmans crease on either side then you should signal a wide. 1 run extra is given to the batting side, and an extra ball is bowled for wides.
Byes – Byes is quite unusual in the game of cricket. This is when the bowler bowls the ball and the wicket keeper misses the ball or drops the ball which allows the batsman to make one or more runs.

So test your knowledge of the beautiful game of cricket in this fun Chota Bheem umpire game. If you like this game then you should also check out our other umpire games such as Cricket Umpire Game where you must test your knowledge and make the correct decision as the umpire. Also check out our fun cricket quizzes including the very challenging Cricket Signals – Umpire Quiz.

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