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Cricket ChampionshipCricket Championship is the all around cricket game to challenge even the best online cricket gamers. Walk out to the crease and try to take the bowling attack to peices by hitting boundaries. Can you become the best and win the cricket championship? Once you have posted your score you then must bowl, select the bowlers to take down the opposition. You can choose from fast, medium or spin bowlers, vary the attack to keep the opposition batsman on thier toes. This game is not easy, only the best cricket players can win the cricket championship.

Game Instructions.

Select the direction of the shot by clicking the mouse, press and HOLD the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON for power. RELEASE the left mouse button to play the shot.

Bowling – first make your bowling selection by selecting the type of ball from the drop down list, click go to start bolwing. HOLD DOWN LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to stop the first direction bar, release to stop the second direction bar and to bowl the ball.  Select the ‘Type of Ball’ from the list. Click ‘GO’ to start bowling. LEFT CLICK and HOLD the mouse button to stop the 1st direction bar. Release it to stop the 2nd direction bar and bowl.

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