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Flashfooty Darts: CricketOK I admit this is not really a cricket game but it is a version of darts called cricket. Cricket Darts is a variation of the darts game that uses the numbers 15 – 20 and the bulls eye. To open or to close a number you must have hit that number 3 times. Doubles count as two hits and triples count as three hits. The object of the game is for a player to hit each number (15 to 20) along with the bulls-eye three times.

When a player has opened or closed all of the numbers required (15-20) and the bulls-eye, and has equalled or more points than his opponent that player wins.

Game instructions

Place the dart where you want the dart to aim and hold the left mouse while pulling the dart back for power and flight.

Darts Cricket Game – the most fun to be had at a dartboard!

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