Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world (behind Soccer) and yet it is a sport which still confuses so many people. The game of Cricket was first played in Southern England during the 16th century. Cricket is a team sport with 11 players on each team. Cricket is played on a large field, in the centre is a 22 yard hard pitch where much of the action takes place. In cricket one will team bat and the other team bowls (and fields), the teams will then switch once the team batting has been dismissed or the allotted time is up. This is called an innings. The game of cricket is officiated by 2 umpires. The umpires role in cricket is to judge whether a batsman has been dismissed and to count the runs and bowls.

 The aim of cricket is simple, to score more runs than the opposing team. The team batting tries to score as many runs as possible while the team that is bowling tries to stop them by dismissing them. A run is scored when the batsman hits the ball and runs to the opposite end of the pitch. 4 runs are scored when the batsman hits the ball to the  field boundary, and 6 runs is scored when the batsman hits the ball over the boundary.

The bowling team will attempt to dismiss (get out) the batsman any way they can. The ways that the bowling team can dismiss the batsman are as follows:

Bowl – A batsman is bowled when the bowler hits the stumps

LBW – Leg before wicket. If the bowler’s bowl was going to hit the wickets and the batsman’s legs were in the way, the umpire might decide that the ball was going to hit the stumps and give the batsman out.

Caught out – If the batsman hits the cricket ball into the air and the fielding team catch the ball the batsman is out.

Run out – If the fielding team pick up the ball and throw down the stumps before the batsman completes a run then the batsman is run out.

Stumped – If the batsman moves away from the wicket a certain distance (called a crease) and the ball is put against the stumps then the batsman will be out.

These are the basic rules of cricket, of course it is not quite that simple but these are the key points.

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