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Kursi CricketKursi Cricket is a fun new cricket game to play online. To begin the game select the type of cricket match you want to play – politics mode or country mode.

In Politics mode you get the choice to select – 3 political leaders in India. RG, AK or NM. Then choose the length of the cricket game – either 1 wicket, 3 wickets or 5 wickets. The game is very simple you are the batsman and must time your shot by pressing the spacebar, the better you time the shot the more runs you will get. This game is very similar to the Practice Cricket Game.

Country mode is very similar except instead of choosing to play as a political leader you get the choice of 3 teams – India, Sri Lanka or Pakistan.

The objective of the game is simple, to try to score the highest score possible. Try to beat your best on each attempt.
To play Kursi Cricket use the keyboard – Spacebar to play your shot.

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