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Pixel Cricket is a fascinating cricket challenge game, dont be put off by the graphics this online game is loads of fun. Choose either single or multiplayer mode, In single player, you must qualify through each round by getting the target number of points to qualify. Once you have qualified for all three levels (batting, throwing and catching) the game goes back to the batting level again, but is now harder to qualify.

Pixel Cricket is a highly fun and addictive online cricket game to play for free.

MULTIPLAYER MODE: Pixel Cricket can be played with real people online in a 3 or 5 over game. You choose to either bat or bowl first depending upon who wins the coin toss.

Batting – Batting works in the same way as it does in single player mode. The 5 over vesion of this cricket game has powerplays with more fielders, so watch out!

Bowling – To bowl you simply set the speed of each bowl using your cursor buttons. The trick is to try and fool the batsmen into missing the ball and losing his wickets. You also have 5 fireballs to use so choose to use them wisely. Game Instructions 1) Batting Level – use left, up and right cursor keys to hit the ball. Each bowl comes out a different speed so you have to time it right to hit the ball. Finally, try and aim for the gaps where the fielders cannot catch you.

2) Throwing Level – use left and right cursor keys to aim, and hold the up cursor key to throw. Try and knock down all nine target stumps.

3) Catching Level – Use up, left and right cursor keys to make your players jump and catch the balls. Try and catch all of the balls to unlock the bonus ball and another round of balls.

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