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Super cricketSuper Cricket Game is one of the most challenging online cricket games to complete. In order to win you must work your way through a series of challenges which get harder as you progress. Select your team from one of six international cricket teams to start the game, depending upon which team you pick will determine your challenge. For example if you choose England you will be faced with a T20 challenge against Australia requiring 147 runs to win. If you Choose India you will be faced with a world cup match vs Australia requiring 40 runs to win off 8 overs. Super Cricket Game is a battle of concentration and patience to work your way through the challenges.

The action in this online game is fast and furious, there is little time to react to the pace bowlers so timing and choosing the right shot is key. The controls of the game are quite simple press space to set the opposition bowler into action. Press space-bar to hit the ball, time the ball right and you will get a boundary.

In total there are 10 challenges in the first level and another 10 for each level after, depending upon the country that you select. Super Cricket game is an ultra addictive cricket game and once you start it is impossible to put it back down. Play Super Cricket Game today!


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