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Posted by CricketGames On January - 28 - 2013

Top 5 countdown of the best free online cricket games for 2012

5. India vs Australia Online Cricket Game

India vs Australia

India v Australia is one of the biggest rivalries in world cricket.  Experience that rivalry with this online cricket game by choosing one of a series of challenges to complete. Successfully complete the cricket challenge and move on to the next level. This is a seriously addictive game and it is not easy. India v Australia makes number 5 on the countdown of best online cricket games.


4. Cricket 20 20 ultimate

20_20 Ultimate Cricket Game

Choose practice mode or dive straight into the Tournament mode. Select your favorite international cricket team from 8 different nations. Each team has realistic cricket kit and player names. Shot selection and timing are key in this game and advancing in the tournament is not easy. The game has a long lastibility factor and Cricket 20/20 makes number 4 in the countdown of best online cricket games.

3. IPL Cricket Ultimate

Take part in the India T20 tournament in this super realistic free online cricket game. Choose from one of nine teams and try to win the toss. In this game you must bat and bowl.  This online cricket game is fast paced and highly addictive.  The batting is very realistic with all shots available to the batsman from the square cut to the hook shot.

2.  Top Spinner

Top Spinner is a fast and furious online cricket game. The balls come at the batsman very quickly and you must try to hit the cricket ball for 6 runs without losing your wicket. Top Spinner looks simple but it is deceptively difficult and the key is to get your timing right and to get into a steady rhythm with the cricket bat. Top Spinner Cricket Game provides hours of fun in at home or at the office when the boss is not looking!

1. Online Cricket

Online Cricket game captures all of the magic and drama of a game of one day international cricket. Choose your favorite international cricket teams and go out and win the toss.  The action in this cricket game is ultra realistic as is the commentary. Teams must bat and bowl, bowling options include fast, spin and medium pace and the batting is realistic with all different types of shots. Online Cricket is number 1 on this 2012 edition of the best online cricket games.

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