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Virtual cricketVirtual Cricket is a realistic online cricket game simulation. Choose to play practice or to start match and you will go out to bat to face the Australian Bowling Attack. In Virtual Cricket you are set a scenario with a target number of runs. Go in to bat and chase down the target to win. Be warned this is a very difficult cricket game and scoring runs is not easy. Pay careful attention to the seam of the ball for clues on which way the ball will swing. Get your batsman into position and choose your shot carefully by judging the line and length of the ball.


Instructions for Virtual Cricket Game:

You can use either the mouse or keys to play.

Mouse – Use the mouse to set the direction of the shot and click the right mouse button to hit the ball.

Z – move the batsman to the left
C – move the batsman to the right
Space – release the bowler and bowl the ball

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